Bosque Biking Adventure

Enjoy a scenic bike ride on the Bosque Trail and a delicious garden fresh meal in an open air cafe.  It’s the perfect way to spend the day.


Our Bosque Biking Adventure package includes a bike rental, self guided tour of the Bosque Trail and a garden fresh meal at Old Town Farm.

Road Bikers on Bosque

Paseo del Bosque Trail

Recognized as one of the best bike rides in the west, the Paseo del Bosque trail runs 16 miles through the heart of the city along the Rio Grande’s beautiful cottonwood forest.  The trail is a 5 minute bike ride from The BikeSmith store via The BikeSmith & Old Town Farm Bike Path.  Proceeding south on the trail from our point of access takes you to Tingley Beach, Rio Grande Botanic Garden, Albuquerque Aquarium  and the Rio Grande Zoo.  The northern route takes you by the Rio Grande Nature Preserve and provides beautiful views of the Sandia Mountains and Rio Grande River.

Old Town Farm

We like to think of Old Town Farm as the “green heart of the city”.  Located just off the Bosque Trail, Old Town Farm is situated on 12 acres in one of the most historic settings in New Mexico.   This working farm caters to cyclists with their open air Bike In Coffee café where they serve delicious fresh prepared soups, salads,  mini quiches, pastries and smoothies made from farm grown greens and fruits.   Be sure to try Lanny’s delicious French pressed coffee or Linda’s mint iced sun tea.

Biking Package Includes:

  • Fully equipped Hybrid, Town  or Road Bike
  • The BikeSmith Bosque Trail Guide
  • Garden fresh meal at Old Town Farm (includes soup, mini quiches & beverage)
  • Old Town Farm Tour


  Hybrid or Town Bike

  • With 24 hour bike rental – $45
  • With 4 hour bike rental – $35

   Road Bike

  • With 24 hour bike rental – $60
  • With 4 hour bike rental – $42

Dates Available:

  • October 4 & 5
  • October 11 & 12

To reserve a Bosque Biking Package please click on the reservation button.  Please include the following information: Bosque Biking Adventure, date, 4 hour or 24 hour rental, number of riders and height of each rider.   You can also specify a multi day rental on the reservation form.




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