Amazing Rides

There are so many incredible places  to ride in and around Albuquerque.   Here are  some of our favorites:

Mountain Biking

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Sandia Foothills:

Accessible from Tramway Blvd, this network of trails running along the Sandia Mountains has great single track and rolling rides that provides a little bit for every level of cyclist.

Foothills MapNorth Foothills MapSouth Foothills Map

Manzanita Mountains:

Off of South 14, this ride offers exciting challenges for off road cyclists.  Plenty of rocks and trees.

Manazanita Mountains Trail Map

White Mesa:

Wide open trails with great mountain biking possibilities. Challenging trails over a geologically fascinating area.

White Ridge

Bosque trails:

Accessible from the Paseo del Bosque trail, the bosque offers scenic single and double track as the trails curve around the cottonwoods.  Great for beginner off-roaders ready to start their first mountain biking adventure.  Quick access to the trail from The BikeSmith’s front door!

Rio Grand Valley State Park

Road & Recreational Biking


Road Bikers on Bosque


Paseo Del Bosque trail:

Easily accessible from The BikeSmith, this recreational paved path offers beautiful views of the cottonwood forest.  Taking the trail South from our point of access takes you by Tingley Beach, ABQ Bio Park, and the Zoo.  The northern route provides you with beautiful scenery on this well traveled route.  This path is recognized as one of the best bike rides in the Southwest!

City Bike Map

NM 313 to Bernalillo:

Great bike friendly route to Bernalillo.  Continue on to Algodones or San Felipe Casino for extended mileage on this  flat and fast ride.

Tramway Blvd:

A major thoroughfare for most cyclists in Albuquerque.  Great for training rides.  Add a challenge to your day with a descent down and climb up Tramway’s big hill.  Tramway’s recreational path provides a safe and fun route for an easy ride.

Rio Grande Blvd:

Take this route north through Los Ranchos as it winds through our scenic farming community.

Bicycle Boulevard Downtown:

The bicycle boulevard offers cyclists a safer and designated way through the DownTown and Nob Hill areas. Bicycle Blvd. streets are marked with a lower speed limit for the safety of cyclists.

Route 66 to North and South 14:

This bike ride will take you through the mountain pass to Tijeras. Take South 14 to climb further up to the Oak Flats area, or North 14 to Cedar Crest.

We’ll map a custom route to guide you on your next biking adventure!