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 Welcome to The Trailhead webpage!  Whether your new to mountain biking, an experienced rider, or just thinking about starting, we created this page to provide you with tips and resources to help you enhance your mountain biking experience.   We’ll be covering topics such as care & maintenance of your bike, improving your riding skills, great places to ride, and getting connected to the local mountain bike community.  We encourage you to check back on a regular basis as our offerings will exand over time.  If you have any questions related to mountain biking or any other biking questions, stop in and see us or call us at 505-BICYCLE (505-242-9253).


Get Connected to the Local           Mountain Bike Community 


AMBA – Building community as well as trails

AMBA (Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association) is a volunteer, non-profit mountain bike advocacy organization  and a  local IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) chapter.  In addition to their love of mountain biking, members join AMBA for a variety of reasons including trail building, organizing community rides and races, and giving back to the sport.  Albuquerque’s amazing trails are due in large part to the members of AMBA donating their time & resources to build and maintain our trail system.  We wholeheartedly support AMBA and encourage you to do the same.  What ever your passion, joining AMBA is a great way to connected with a terrific mountain biking community.  For more information click on this link.  

 Mountain Biking Tips and Resources

This section contains helpful downloads and links to mountain biking resources.  Check back over time as we’ll be adding additional resources.  

Free Downloads

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Featured Rides

          Coyote/Chamisoso Loop            North Foothills/Elena Gallegos Loop


Albuquerque Mountain Biking Trails


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