MTB. Skills Training

Jr. riders at summer grom camp.

We offer mountain biking skills clinics and private instruction for beginner to intermediate level riders. Our classes are designed to help you build your skills, increase your confidence and enhance your enjoyment on the trail.  All our teachers are certified mountain bike instructors and are passionate about helping you take your mountain bike skills to the next level.  

Meet Coach Corey, our Head Coach

Corey is an BICP Level 2  (Bicycle Instructor Certification Program) Certified Instructor and Guide, ACA (American Canoe Association) Level 4 Kayaking Instructor, and former IPMBA (International Police Mountain Bike Association) cyclist.  He has been mountain biking for over 15 years and loves helping beginner to advanced riders improve their mountain biking skills and confidence and connect with the outdoors.

Clinics, Guiding, and Tours

Introductory Mountain Bike Clinic

This clinic provides instruction on basic mountain bike skills that are essential for safe and competent riding.  We will cover basic bike handling, real time trail riding and skills application.  This clinic is great for riders who are new to mountain biking and those who have been riding for a while and would like to improve their riding with skills based instruction.   Participants will also learn about trail etiquette, trail safety, how to prepare for a mountain bike ride,  and how to do a basic equipment safety check.  The class is 3 to 4 hours long and is divided into 3 segments.  

  • Skills Introduction and Drills  off-trail  
  • Skills Practice on the trail
  • Putting It All Together (Fun Group Ride)


  • $299 per person • 4 Hours
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Intermediate Mountain Bike Clinic 

This clinic will cover more advanced skills including wheel lifts, level lifts, and application of skills over obstacles.  We’ll divide the time between focused skill building drills, on trail practice, and a group ride at the end of the clinic.  


  • Starting at $349 per person • 6 Hours 
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 Private Instruction  

We customize our individual lessons to suit your specific needs and skill level.  The sessions can be one-on-one or you can schedule semi-private lessons for you and your friends.   Based on the skill(s) to be sessioned, we have a wide variety of outdoor classrooms available to us including the Bosque, Foothills, Sandia and Manzanita mountains.  


  • Starting at $85 an hour • 1 to 4 Hours
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